JB Marks Education Trust Fund Case Study

The objective was to profile JB Marks as a project that gives back to the mining community and honour the bursary recipients who have done exceptionally well in their field of tertiary studies.

AceCubePR was tasked to look for sponsorship opportunities for the award ceremony and networking session.



Research was conducted in order to find companies that were willing to sponsor the event. This involved identifying companies that sponsor student bursaries by supporting education and could be aligned to the JB Marks. The research yielded JSE listed companies, bursary funders and the different universities and investee companies in the JB Marks structure.


The execution consisted of five elements:

Budget: putting a budget together for the entire project and ensuring that all costs were covered

Sponsorship: targeting potential sponsors with an enticing proposal, meeting with them and compiling sponsorship packages.

The Networking Session: this session was aimed at helping graduates to build professional relationships with key industry players and increase their chances of employment by giving them the opportunity to experience being interviewed.

Award Ceremony: AceCubePR created the event concept in terms of the programme, speakers, invitations, RSVP process, d├ęcor brief, stage management, music management and the overall process.

Media Relations: disseminating regular press releases to various media platforms such as print, broadcast, online and social media platforms.



AceCubePR succeeded in raising R600 000, which was R100 000 over our initial plan and we received extensive media coverage for the event.


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