Knorrox Cash Cow

Knorr Cash Cow

In Africa, a person’s wealth is measured by the number of cattle they have – especially cows as they can bear more cattle. This knowledge was inspiration for a campaign conceived for our client.
Knorrox Cash Cow

The challenge

As market and category leader, staying fresh and relevant while being true to brand values is always a challenge. The requirement was for a promotional campaign that engages the consumer while giving true meaningful value to the cay-to-day challenges faced by the consumer. Making every rand stretch being a key concern for most mother and home-builders.
Knorrox Cash Cow

What we did

Enter innovation (#crowd-farming), celebrity financial advisor, sales promotion and on-going wealth building. Consumers are encouraged to purchase various Knorrox products (soups, condiments and stock cubes) where they find entry collateral. Through various promotions (radio adverts, programming, interviews, vehicle loud hailers, and so on) they are encouraged to attend a local activation. The campaign provides financial literacy and planning education led by respected personality, Nicolette Mashile. The campaign addresses women empowerment and by extension as proven by many studies – empowered women pass on their wisdom to other members of their families and communities. The best part was that a consumer could win a cow through a crowd farming programme. The said cow is cared for in a commercial well managed farming herd. The farming risk is minimised for the consumer and the benefits are maximised. Meaning real participation in sustainable and commercially viable farming. They will reap the benefits of their well managed investments (in livestock).

The results

The target was 10 000 entries and an we received more than 130 000 entries. Digital reach exceeded 15 million users primarily on Facebook, while 1.1 million consumers were reached through VNA PR coverage, consumer engagements through activations and social media strengthened the brand value among consumers. A competition and sales promotion drove sales with an 18% uplift on 400g Knorrox soup pack, and 1% uplift on 6-pack cubes after inclusion in the competition in the last month. 21 million on ITO on Knorrox. Furthermore, we had a 10% subscriber rate target; and we achieved 12 963 total subscribers with many receiving financial literacy empowerment and investment opportunities. Consumer requested for repeats of financial literacy programmes on community radio, pushing radio stations to load competition and campaign content on social media platforms as added value. Knorr Cash Cow is an authentic and credible brand-building platform. Positive feedback received from consumers about the competition and campaign. They believe livestock wealth is a great opportunity.