Imperial Blue

The opportunity

Zambia’s economy is growing and consumers are demanding more choice. The market (low-middle income earners) was ripe for a new whisky brand.

What we did

Enter Imperial Blue – a quality offering for consumers who want an alternative to beer as they step up to spirits. We created awareness, drove trial and encouraged purchase. We incentivised the trade by giving branded ice-buckets, trays and coasters to strategically selected outlets, while consumers were rewarded with apparel and accessories. The nub is in the trial so we put our seductive foot forward and set up 120 activations (20 per month) over six months. We started these in Zambia’s Independence Day. We also used a striking branded float that drove through select townships and neighbourhoods in Lusaka the capital city and the mining and industrial hub, the Copperbelt. Targeting lay the foundation for our success. We went for traders who catered for blue collar men and blue collar professionals themselves who drink beer and spirits. economically active lower-income male workers.
Imperial Blue

The results

We touched 11 000 people, sold 1100 units (the target was 900) and scored a stunning Liquid to Lip (tastings) of 6 500 lips (the target was 5 800). Imperial Blue is now also on the lips of many who are telling the tales and the market in Zambia has changed for good.