Ballantine’s OKT Fest

Campaign context

As main sponsor of the OKT Fest, it was apt for Ballantine’s to maximise all opportunities. Build loyalty among MATES (main 18-34 years old male consumer segment) arouse excitement around the festival by engaging consumers and drive sales.

Ballantine’s OKT Fest

What we did

We already had our Ballantine’s True Music property so we extended it into our OKT Fest campaign. With 1000 tickets (for OKT Fest) in hand (that’s currency) and a simple call-to-action mechanic we organised 10 targeted activations. All a MATE had to do was buy a bottle of Ballantine’s, enter the proof and stand a chance to win tickets to the OKT Fest. Naturally we created a stylish brand-worthy environment and experience at each activation. We set up the Bus for Music featuring headline deejays and sophisticated music, a Playstation powered gaming station, sampling of sumptuous eats all set in sizzling décor.

The results

We reached over 10 000 people and sold 466 bottles sold at the activations and OKT Fest. The MATES are asking for more.